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Our high quality professional cricket coaches want you to be a better player and have the tools and experience to help you reach your goals. We will individually match you with the right coach to give you a personal coaching and training plan.


Our approach is not a 'copy & paste' style of coaching with an individual player assessment and training program, featuring state of the art LUDIMOS video analysis and player development program. East Sydney Cricket Centre is proud to be partnering with LUDIMOS to offer the latest in tech and AI analytics.

Whether you are an  amateur club cricketer looking to improve your game or an elite cricketer looking to get to that next level of performance, we can help get you there. 


Our HP Academy sessions are designed and facilitated by Master Coach Neil D'Costa. These sessions run for 10 weeks during each school term. The academy is only open to selected players and numbers are strictly limited. For information on trials please use the contact form.   


We have designed and started a Green Shield Academy with the sole purpose of developing you as a player and person who will have what it takes to dominate the Green Shield Competition

Our Coaches 

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