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External Coaches 

Eastern Sydney Cricket Centre and Private Coaches 


If you are a private coach looking for an all-weather facility for your sessions we have you covered - we accept bookings made by private coaches to run sessions at our venue. 


Coaches can book occasional sessions using the link below. 


If you plan to use the venue on a regular basis, you are invited to view the perks of becoming a " Preferred Coach Provider " below. For more information including package prices please use the contact form to get in touch. 

Prefered Coach Provider Plan

Priority Booking

When you become a preferred provider you have priority access to booking services, so that you can secure the time and dates you want. 

Bowling machine use 

Only Preferred Coach Providers have access to use our bowling machine.  

Discounted Rates 

Preferred Coach Providers pay a monthly rate to access the facility for a specified amount of sessions each month. This allows us to offer you a discounted rate per session. 

Use of marketing material 

As our Preferred Coach Providers, you may use and display your marketing materials inside the nets that you are using for the duration of the session. 

Get in Touch

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