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Sydney Fast Bowling Academy

Sydney Fast Bowling Academy

Sydney Fast Bowling Academy is the first of its kind in Sydney. Offering professional-level fast bowling coaching for fast bowlers of all ages and levels. We are excited to offer a new level of fast bowling coaching to the cricketers of Sydney. 

Our Difference

We are taking the guesswork out of fast bowling coaching. We have found that modern commercial coaches don't have a deep understanding of the intricacies of fast bowling. We know the formula you NEED to follow to be able to bowl fast.


There is science and evidence involved in fast bowling. We use modern techniques and technology to give you the best chance at bowling fast. We know what it takes to get you bowling faster and more accurate. All our services are designed to educate and improve you as an athlete and fast bowler. 

Our Services 

45 Minutes - $90

Work with one of our coaches 1:1 in a specifically designed Fast Bowling session. Using the latest tech and methods we will work with you as an individual athlete to improve all aspects of your fast bowling. 

Online - $85

Inperson - $90


Our Clients

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